Terrific Tuesdays: YRO!

My oh my! Yesterday was Magical Monday & it happened to be so magical that I wasn’t even able to post.

First of all, thank you so very much to everyone who donated or participated in Sunday’s Yoga Reaches Out event! I couldn’t be prouder to be part of a yoga community that raised $500,000 for Children’s Hospital Boston. What an amazing day we had, full of love, asanas, laughter and friendship. The day was full of seva, or service and I was so proud to not only be a yogi but to be from Boston. We discussed resilience, breath & how to stay strong for ourselves as well as our students. It is a blessing to be a part of this community and I bow to all of my fellow yogis.

Aside from our amazing Sunday, I had a great overall week. My work place flew in some lovely trainees from across seas and we spent two days in Plymouth learning and training. It is always such a blessing & so much fun when our entire team comes in to town. Most of them work remotely and so when we are all together it turns into quite a blast! They are all here again this week to continue that training and it’s part of the reason I wasn’t able to send you a Magical Mondays yesterday – too much fun in Boston with my co-workers!

On Saturday, I had a whole mommy & Apollo day to myself. We snuggled, I took him to the beach, he got a new collar, he “helped” me clean the house and I just took the day off essentially. Aside from a handful of fun & secretive errands, I mainly wrote and snuggled in the whole day. SUCH a nice break from my usual crazy & busy schedule.

The rest of the week, we worked and played hard. Karthik & I saw Oblivion and the board members met virtually for the first time for an urgent board meeting. I have the most amazing board of women and I am so proud to have them as a part of Journey to Hope!!

The Little Things

Yoga Reaches Out & PYCC raising over $12,000!!!, Movies with the hubby, surprise Apollo snuggle time, surprises in general, shopping for new spring things, the weather finally being amazing, yummy dinners with co-workers and friends, River Gods, being in Boston and finally seeing Boylston, Like No Udder, smoothies, new tattoo ideas, henna, heart, compassion…. did I mention the good weather??

I hope you’re able to go out and enjoy this weather. Take a deep breath in and enjoy all that you are able.

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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