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Indiegogo Campaign

Dearest Ohmies,

I have taken moments throughout this Indiegogo Campaign to personally thank those who donated, re-tweet & favorite your posts as well as write “shout outs” on Facebook but I want to now thank each and every one of you for being there for me in the past few weeks.

This year, I have been blessed and have been given the opportunity to open my very own brick & mortar yoga studio in Massachusetts. With your help in donations, tweets, Facebook posts, and word of mouth announcements I closed the campaign last night with $1,150 in donations! I am blown away. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling I have at this moment.

This week, I was reading a book called “Bring on the Blessings.” It’s a book about a woman who walks away from her divorce with $275 million and asks God what she should do next. She understands deeply that when one is given this many blessings, they need to be open to how they can then give back. She is answered and spends the rest of the book re-building a historic town and saving children’s lives in the foster care system.

As someone who is deeply spiritual, this book is resonating with me on a HUGE level right now. I have been given the opportunity to open a yoga studio and plan on giving back and opening the Shala to the community in as many ways as I am able. When we are on our feet, I plan to re-ignite my 501c3 non-profit Journey to Hope Yoga Inc and will also have a handful of community classes. We are also donating $172 to Yoga Reaches Out next week when the funds are received!!

I will be on the lookout. I will listen to the universe to see the best ways I can give back and I promise to create the best yoga HOME for you all that I can! But I also promise to receive. One of the biggest pieces of self-love is acceptance and this includes receiving gifts and compliments.

In this moment, I will receive.

My heart is pouring out to you today: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Sending you ALL so much love & light!

P.s. I do apologize for not being on the blog quite as often this week. I have been busy opening the studio and working with my 3 month self-love clients. I promise you a slew of fun news, videos and posts in the coming weeks! Love, love, love.

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