The Day I Almost Quit: NOT an April Fool’s Joke!

Can I be honest with you?
I almost gave up this week. I almost put everything on hold, washed it all away, and told my dreams to go back to sleep.
It was a rough week: full of disappointments, heartache, and getting my hopes up too high.
But I didn’t. I knew where I needed support, because I know my love language, and I called on my loved ones to help. My mom reminded me that the cup was half full, that at least some people are supportive and loving. She also told me that I needed to find the lesson in this moment. I need to hear all kinds of positivity to put me back on my feet – but this time, it didn’t just put me on my feet – it slapped me in the face and woke me right up!
I am a full believer in astrology and when I read this today (from myastrologyzone monthly horoscope & another similar passage on astrostyle), I knew I wasn’t alone!
:: “What a sensational change in events! When it comes to your career, you must have been feeling like you were walking through glue in recent months. No matter how you tried, it was nearly impossible for you to make progress!”
Thanks to the sun shining in my window, my mom’s un-ending support & my hubby ‘s humor, I am currently on fire. I have been writing all morning, to you, to friends, to potential sponsors, to family, to people I met this week. In my writing, I am being honest. “We need help” is the gist of every message. And I do. I need support, love, financial backing and a whole team behind me.
Fortunately, I have an amazing board, friends, family & loved ones. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to face this moment. But I am! And it is so rewarding to be faced with the challenge of “not making it” just to realize how much love and passion you have behind an organization. It is amazing to be brought to your knees & realize that you were just weak with passion. I chose to pray while I was there. I chose to cry, to laugh, to call my mom & to love my family. I chose yoga. I chose me! And then I got up & started living in the moment once more.
I am making a promise to you all this morning. I promise to do the best I can. I promise to work hard on Journey to Hope and not let this flame die. I promise to let my mistakes fuel my passion, to let them just be a beginning and not an end. I promise to not give up.
With all of these promises, I need to commit. Which is why I have decided to post pone our teacher training. For all of those who were/are interested in training with us this weekend, please know that we will be postponing until the end of April. I want real, honest and loving teachers who are ready to commit to Journey to Hope to be on our team. I am reevaluating our curriculum and ideas to make this teacher training brilliant and large. We need not only support through paypal, but also support through the physical “man-power” of yoga instructors.
My little brother reminded me the other day, that our Baba (grandfather) used to have us find white rocks at the beach. He said if we spat on it and threw it over our shoulder, that our wish would come true. I believe this is why we have family (for reminders like this, for stories, laughter & love)! As I was contemplating the lessons that I received from the universe this week, I found a bright shiny white rock on the ground while walking Apollo. I picked it up, spat on it and threw it as hard as I could over my shoulder. I have no idea where it landed, but I can only hope that that dream will come true soon.
Find YOUR white rock today!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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