The Death Meditation: Are You Ready?

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist. That is all.” Oscar Wilde
If you died today, would that be okay?

Of course, I am not in any way hoping that you leave the earth yet, but I am just curious about your life and your dreams. Have you set out to accomplish most of the things you’ve wanted in life? Are you happy? Is there something you need, desire or want?

I am so blessed and very happy in my life. If I died tomorrow, I would be crushed that my newlywed hubby would be alone, my family would be devastated and Journey to Hope would wither as well. However, I tried! I am trying every day of my life to create something beautiful, to put all my energy into my projects, my passion and my family. I put myself out there, jump out of my comfort zone and try.
Do you?
Each of us has our own path, our own adventure that we need to be on. There are bumps in every road, but they are there to remind us of how amazing the smooth parts of life are, and how much we should appreciate everything we have. Many of us are blessed with families, homes and a life full of love & purpose. Even if you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, you’re trying. You are out there in the great unknown trying to create your best life.
Ana Forrest talks about a Death Meditation in her book, Fierce Medicine and it was a transformational experience. After reading this chapter and the instructions on how to do a death meditation, I got out my pen & paper and asked myself a series of questions while imagining that my death is imminent and pending…
“What are your regrets?”
“What is your unfinished communication?”
“What am I imprisoned by?”
“Have I been lying to myself?”
“What in my life needs to break free?”
“What do I REALLY love?”
Then, Ana has you come back from life!
She says:
“Breathe out your death.
Breathe in this new life force.
Sparkle up!
Now that you know what really matters to you, can you live it? Can you truly live this life of no regrets, full of love, wisdom and light?
We need to prove it. We need to get out there – have adventures, do yoga, and make our lives truly sparkle. Stop waiting for life to begin. Stop hiding in the corners collecting cobwebs and begin living. Don’t stop to think about what others will think of you: create life!
If you have responsibilities, do them with flare. Wear your favorite shoes to work, buy yourself your favorite iced coffee while watching your sons baseball game, watch a movie you want to see all by yourself if no one wants to go with you, reach out & meet new people, make friends, make food and laugh until you cry.
Ana Forrest is a beautiful, kind, full and generous teacher with a deep spiritual connection. I think everyone should pick up Fierce Medicine and check out the in depth instructions of her death meditation. It will truly put a spin on your perspective and remind you to live life.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,

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