The Escape Artist & The Decorator


 Have you ever had a false hangover?

You wake up in the morning and you feel awesome! No side effects from the heavy drinking you did the night before. Everything is amazing. How in the world could you get so lucky to have such a fun night (that you remember MOST of) without any consequences?!

An hour later you are in bed. Moaning, groaning and begging for eggs and aleeve.

I feel as though my life with pets and moving is the exact same way.   


We moved into our new home about two weeks ago. Then we went on vacation in New Hampshire for 3 days and came back. We took Apollo and left Digger. Poor Digger! Since the beginning of this move he just really wasn’t sure what to think. Then he was by himself, and now there are a million guests coming in through our rotating front door.

Apollo adjusted well, as did Digger. They both seemed to instantly know that this was their new home and truly enjoyed it.

Then the fit hit the shan if you will. Yesterday, Apollo used our bedroom as his bathroom ALL DAY. While in the middle of the evening to take him out for the third time when I caught him peeing, I left the door open because it was 3:00 am and I had a lazy moment. Unknowingly to me, Digger got lose. I take Apollo out at 5:00 am, and Digger is in our backyard staring at us while Apollo is doing his business.

I put Apollo back into the house. Grab some treats and go after Digger. Then I stepped in Apollo’s poop that I didn’t have time to pick up because I was catching our beautiful cat!

Jenny’s comedy hour: brought to you by petsmart.

When you move into a new home, it takes a lot of adjusting for everyone: yourself, your spouse, you kids and animals. We sometimes don’t realize the effect it has on our furry babies. It is so important to check in on them and see how they’re feeling. I truly believe that both of our pets are our babies. We don’t have kids (and at the moment, aren’t even thinking of them) so Apollo and Digger are the “babies” we have at the moment. I brought them into my world, and will treat them with the most respect and love I possibly can!

Even though it was my own personal comedy hour, I just need to detach. This isn’t about cleaning my dirty feet at 5am or even picking up messes and runaways. It is about checking in with all and adjusting as a family!

Moving has been one of the most amazing and yet stressful experiences of my life. My husband has been saying all along that I would feel emotion in many different weird ways once I realized the gravity of living in such a beautiful and large home. And I have! I’ve cried, laughed, strained muscles, clenched teeth, smiled, cooked, hugged and been so excited and emotional in the past few months, it is unreal. It has been a long and joyful process that I am so blessed to be a part of.

Having your own home is the most grounding experience you can have. I am so blessed to have this home with my loving and hard-working hubby! And we share it with our two furry babies (even if they are an escape artist and a “decorator”). No matter the emotional rollercoaster and where I fall in each moment of my day, I am not over looking the fact that we are blessed!

Take a moment today to laugh and truly appreciate the moment. Even if you’re stepping in dog poop while chasing your cat, crying about a change or if you’re defeated and “done”. Smile and laugh.

Grab your best friend (PHONE CALL or in person – not text), and have a good old fashion laugh.

Pop in Anochorman.

 Watch youtube clips of laughing pandas.


Appreciate the moment you’re in, for whatever it’s worth.

And then spread that love.

That’s where Journey to Hope came from. The idea, want, need and desire to spread my love, laughter and light.

Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle!


P.s. Apollo is off to the vet today because he really isn’t feeling well! Best wishes for him please. 

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