The Last of Magical Mondays

My dear friends

I have something sad to tell you! Magical Mondays will no longer be here starting next week. But I have a secret to tell you… what’s coming on Friday will be much better, bigger and even more exciting!!! I cannot wait to share with you!!

This week was full of wonder. Since working from home on my own ventures (and still trying to figure out where we are going), I’ve had so much time and yet so little. I wake up every morning around 6:00am and sometimes work and write for so long that hubby needs to interrupt me to feed me or tell me I need a little rest. The great part about this is most of the time I get to Wednesday and panic… how is it already Wednesday? The crumby part is that I’m losing the schedule I had while working in corporate…. it’s all good, but Friday doesn’t mean as much anymore!

This week was amazing! I am putting the final touches on The Ahimsa Project (don’t forget to sign up), the power your spirit challenge is going STRONG(!!), I’m writing, writing, writing and teaching as often as I’m able, life is moving quickly and I’m enjoying each & every moment.

This week included a visit to some fancy mansions, seeing one of my dearest friends, a night dressed as Super Girl while I DJed in the middle of the ocean, a date to see Gravity, my father in laws birthday, planning parties, lots of driving and a chant fest! What a whirlwind!

Seeing my friend Richie for the first time in years was such a fun treat. We all ate too much and talked for a few hours and hubby finally got to meet him! This came after a full afternoon spent touring the Newport Mansions (my first time)!!! What a day we had yesterday.

This week ahead is going to be delicious…. a dinner to look forward to with a beautiful friend of mine, our upcoming party & more! I can’t wait for all that lies ahead and am VERY excited to share in this blog transition with you for Friday!!!

The Little Things

Hubby buying me snacks before I get to the movies, saber tooth necklace, Lollie Videography, Apollo & Turk’s playdate, taking pictures at the mansions, getting new yoga books in the mail, practicing & feeling GOOD in my body, finding a routine, having an accountability partner, great friends, chanting with Ajeet Kaur, pinterest in general, watching SO many red box movies cuddled on the couch with my boys, Indian food, going to Fire & Ice for the first time, style, power your spirit bravery…post-it notes… and random acts of kindness, people signed up & excited for The Ahimsa Project, & love sweet love.

There are so many things to be grateful for in each day and each moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sending you love & an attitude of gratitude.

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