The Practice of Self Love

At the Monte CarloAt the Monte Carlo
Lately I have been hearing a lot about self-love. I have been reading from Gala Darling about Radical Self-Love, I have been reading yoga articles and blogs, and I myself have been published in Free Hug Yoga Times under “self-love.” But what is self-love anyway?
The textbook definition is: “regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.” Self-love, by definition, is something we would assume people would want to do everyday. Make yourself happy & healthy through each of your actions. But how can we be happy & healthy if our whole world is focused on the negative? How can we be happy & healthy if we aren’t feeding our bodies the right nutrients or doing regular physical fitness?
Happiness begins within, is what “they” say. To love someone else, you need to first love yourself. But as I have seen time and time again, this is not true. You can love someone else first. The problem is, you LOSE yourself if you do.
Before I met my husband, I did notuite understand this concept. I thought that if I loved someone fiercely enough that I would become whole and complete. I believed that a male could complete me and make me feel my own light & love. I was wrong! Very, very, very wrong. After spending a little bit of time on my own, I discovered who I truly am.
I jumped head first into yoga, sky diving, scuba diving, thrill, adventure, writing and laughing. I learned how to knit. I wrote poetry. I danced. I got two kittens. I learned to appreciate each and every moment in my life. 
Diving at Epcot. Meg, Me & KeeganDiving at Epcot. Meg, Me & Keegan
Wedding! 10-9-11Wedding! 10-9-11
And THAT is when I met my husband. Without playing around and discovering who I was, I couldn’t appreciate who my husband was – nor could he see me for who I am now. I needed time to really love myself before I met him. And I haven’t lost myself in our relationship, either! I am strong, independent, loving & flexible. I give & take – I laugh, I play and I practice yoga.
A tarot card reader, Phoenix, reminded me this past weekend, that I need to live my yoga. I preach and teach and tell everyone I love about the practice – but there are days when I forget and days when I need to be on my own mat before teaching. I am so thankful for her reminder! I practice self-love as much as I practice yoga, and there is always room for growth. That is why it is called practice. I am a seasoned yogi, but in no way am I advanced. I do not believe in “advanced” yogi’s….we always have room to find something new, to grow and to love.
Today’s mantra will be entirely around self-love, and discovering what that definition means for me. A textbook definition just isn’t going to cut it. I have a real life to live and so do all of you. Today I will practice yoga AND self-love…. what about you?
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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