The push AND pull of being a yoga instructor

“Wherever you are is where you’re supposed to be and it is perfect.”
I’ve been using this line with my students a LOT lately. I recently quoted this line during an interview about Journey to Hope…and just this past week, I began to believe it myself.
There are times when I push my students from behind, when I am still searching for the exact details that I am giving them. And yet there are times when I sit, teach, and wait for them to find their own light – while I wait to greet them on the other side.
To be a yoga teacher is to live life in the public eye. Our students and friends wish for us to be the pinnacle of health, spirituality and grace. I strive, every day, to be on that path. I truly TRY to live my yoga. Some days I fly, while others I fall flat on my face. I do not claim to be perfect – but I do claim to be happy. And in doing so, I also claim to have balance within. It is why I tell my students to find a drishti (concentration spot) that is an inanimate object. I then usually joke and say that I am NOT an inanimate object! It’s true that I have happiness and balance within – but, as with all – there are days when I lose that balance.
Eskimo kisses with ApolloEskimo kisses with Apollo
Raising my beautiful new puppy, Apollo, these past few days has taught me so much about my inner happiness and balance. I love him so much already and am beginning to realize that I am much stronger than I ever believed. This is another thing I often tell my students, that I need a constant reminder in as well: I am strong! Over the past few years, teaching elementary school and finding my life path, I was confused on the subject of motherhood. I know and knew I wanted children – I just never knew how they fit in, or if I would ever feel “ready.” Being with Apollo has already taught me that I will be a good mom, when I feel ready (which isn’t quite yet)! Taking that leap of blind faith, and proving to myself and others that I am strong, is one of the most amazing feelings in the world!
I truly believe that God only gives us what we can handle – and I am so glad that he has faith in me to bring love & light to others, to be a great wife, a loving “furry baby” mom & a loyal friend and family member. I couldn’t be any happier that I am on this path!
Even on the days that I falter and lose my balance, I am grateful to each of my students who are willing to let me fall. Grateful for your smile, love and laughter.
Remember: laughter is breath and dancing is movement – yoga can be found everywhere!
Thank you for always being there. Thank you for letting me push you from behind on those days where I don’t feel as strong. Thank you for letting me find my light and wait and watch while you find yours. Thank you for being such amazing, strong and wonderful students. Thank you for reading, practicing, loving, giving and doing.
My wish for you is to be as happy as you can be – everyday. Playing, working and being on your own journey to hope. Whatever that means for you today – I wish it for you!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

2 thoughts on “The push AND pull of being a yoga instructor

  1. Tiffany

    Thanks…I was just reading the January issue of Real Simple titled The Balanced Life and tried Dancers Pose as was referred to in an article. I also teach yoga, am a teacher, have a furry baby and other children! I was intrigued by the reference of Dancers Pose being a push and pull move like our lives, a give and take to achieve the balance we are looking for. I teach class in the morning and was browsing for more inspiration of this push/pull idea. I like your take her…it was refreshing. Namaste!

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thanks so much Tiffany for your comment 🙂 I’m glad you liked my take on it. One of the many joys of being a yoga teacher is the ability to explore so many different perspectives!

      Have a wonderful weekend!


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