The Rollercoaster of Life Leads us to Love

Somedays I wake up and say to myself “Oh my goodness, I’m a mom!” I know exactly how I got here and the steps I took to create the amazing life I am living today, but somedays it still seems so unreal. After years of hard work and dedication, I own a successful yoga studio in Massachusetts. After years of digging deep into a beautiful, soulful relationship with my husband, we have created a life we love desperately. And after years of opening my heart and preparing emotionally, my son has finally arrived.

Newborn. New mom. Love. Rollercoaster. Vinyasa. Yoga.
Zyan’s baptism. 11-15-15

But this wasn’t the path I envisioned. Ten years ago when my dad would ask me those “in ten years” questions, my plan was to be a journalist. I was going to write as a theater critic or report the news on TV. Marriage and children were in my immediate future. I would get married immediately after college and start having babies as soon as my body would allow.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself in a few careers that weren’t serving me. I had been an elementary school teacher, a sales woman and everything in between. I was running away from my passion (writing) after being told I wasn’t a good enough writer for media. Fast forward a few years into my personal life and I married the man of my dreams. I couldn’t have been more wrong about who I thought he was until he walked into my life and turned my world upside down. And when it came to having children? I wanted to wait, wait, wait until the perfect moment as I wanted more time to love my husband before our world flipped upside down once more with the birth of our son.

Newborn. New mom. Love. Rollercoaster. Vinyasa. Yoga. Teacher.
Teaching in 2008
Newborn. New mom. Love. Rollercoaster. Vinyasa. Yoga. Gender Reveal. Love. Couple. Interracial couple.
Gender reveal party with my soulmate & momma

Our journey changes so much in the course of our lives. We may begin on one path with the intention to go somewhere we believe in whole heartedly and then suddenly, without warning, we are on a completely different path. It could be a sharp fork in the road (the death or birth of a loved one, a serious health scare, an emotional wake up call) or it could be a gentle shift that creates change so slowly that you don’t notice until years down the line.

Being open minded helps to keep us on the path and yet allows us to flow, twist and wind with each subtle or momentous change we feel. It allows us to breathe into this new direction with ease instead of resistance.

They say that the only thing constant in this world is change. If this is true, the trajectory of our lives will be unpredictable and potentially beautiful beyond measure. I know mine sure has been.

How can we ease the constant change? How can we be ready for what life throws us, curveballs and all?


Newborn. New mom. Love. Rollercoaster. Vinyasa. Yoga. Teaching yoga. Teaching. Assisting.
Assisting Yoga Reaches Out 2012

By practicing yoga daily we can open our minds, stay in the present moment and ease into whatever life throws our way. Practicing yoga will not make life easier, but it will give you the tools to create ease; big difference.

The best part about a daily practice is that you don’t need to be on the mat. Being in practice can be as simple as breathing deeply in traffic or while getting routine blood work at your annual check-up. Meditate for 5 minutes a day if you are in a job that doesn’t lift you to your highest vibrations. Drink more lemon water during a tragedy to keep yourself hydrated and your nervous system kicked into gear. Keep a rose quartz crystal on your desk at work to give love to the co-workers who need a little extra. Write your dreams, gratitude and love into a beautifully decorated journal. And always remember to keep your heart and mind in the present moment to react to whatever is right in front of you.

The most delicious part of our yoga practice isn’t always the asanas (poses) we do every day, but rather the joy and love we feel. Sometimes the best part of our practice are the tools, community and love we have gained by stepping forward into change.

Allow your life to be unpredictable. Let go of expectations and know that life can be so much better, bigger and more beautiful than you ever imagined. Practice yoga daily and look back with love at the vinyasa waves your life has been, knowing that it has always allowed you to be exactly where you’re supposed to be. Life is such a beautiful journey if we can breathe while we open our hearts and minds enough to see it.

Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle!!!

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