The Running Diary: Part One

Running does not come naturally to me at all. If you had asked me a few years ago, or even a few weeks ago, I would have told you that the only reason for running is if you are being chased…by a bear, or a jaguar. The only other real reason for running: the ice cream man drove by and didn’t stop because you were in your house grabbing change.
Now, I haven’t really changed my mind to the point where I think running is “fun” but I am working on my attitude. (I am certainly 100% better than the time my friend Jill tried to encourage me to run – poor Jilly)!
One of the things I put on my 2012 goals was to do something that scares me. I would say that would’ve been trapeze, but that was far too much fun! Running, on the other hand, scares me.
“My chest hurts” “I can’t breathe” “The weather isn’t perfect” “Let’s go for a walk instead” I was the queen of running excuses, but something inside me recently changed. Just as with learning pincha mayarasana (forearm stand), or urdva vkrasana (handstand), I loved the thrill of the challenge. So when I saw Color Me Rad, I knew I had to do it!
Reasons why I decided to run a 5k…
1) Who doesn’t want to look like a rainbow while covered in sweat running around Boston in mid-July?
2) I’ve never done ANYTHING like this before. I figure it’s time to step up my game. I love my practice. I love my yoga. And mostly, I love my body. But I feel as though I can do SO MUCH MORE if I just keep pushing myself to be better!
Pincha MayarasanaPincha Mayarasana
I’m in shape, but running is a true challenge. It is a much different experience from yoga. I feel as though the muscle confusion is and will continue to be good for my body. I was so excited and terrified by the idea of running a 5K that the only logical thing to do was post it on facebook & ask for advice. This way, I had to stick to it because I had publicly announced my new ambition. I was rewarded with a ton of lovely advice: where to run, beautiful locations on Cape Cod, which 5K I should run next, training programs and much more.
The past two weeks have been a challenge. I have run 5 times and am following the couch to 5K program on my phone! Although I do not sit on my butt all day, I am getting my butt kicked with this program and actually kind of liking it. The challenge is something new and unique for my body and mind. Right now, I am enjoying nature, learning a running rhythm and becoming in tune with what to do and how to run. It actually gets easier every time I go out, and although it is not my favorite activity, I am really glad I am doing this!
Have you really challenged yourself lately? Tried something new? Tell me about it! I would love to hear your all about your adventures in personal growth!

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle,


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