The Transitioning Vinyasa

For the past few weeks, I keep hearing the word vinyasa being played over and over again. Vinyasa is a Sanskirt word of many meanings: a physical flow (often associated with sun salutations), connection of breath to movement…. but also a wave.

At the beginning of my 500 hour teacher training, my teacher Coral Brown mentioned that we were at the beginning of our vinyasa. She said that our time together is a full year and it will contain a beginning, a middle and an end.

This year has been just that, full of ups and downs, moving parts and connection. I’ve broken my heart, re-opened and closed wounds and began a beautiful process of discovery within this journey. I let my hair grow for a full year (being the longest it has in 8 years), I discovered reiki and crystals, I quit my job and moved from my beautiful home, I have questioned and wrestled with feelings, energy and God. I began an online business, coached over 50 women and connected deeper to myself through them. I got a tattoo that is a constant reminder of letting go and trusting. I had mini vinyasas, epiphanies, videos, insight, wisdom & more gifts and blessings than I could imagine.


And this past week, it was time to close that chapter… to end the teacher training vinyasa. Like all things in my life, this end came with a beautiful new beginning!

The day after my 500 hour yoga teacher training graduation, I opened the doors to the life of my dreams: Barefoot Yoga Shala!


When I spoke with Coral a few weeks back, I asked her if I should have taken a day of rest & grieving and she said NO. ‘Keep on moving and let the vinyasa flow!”

What a blessing and a gift: just keep going.

The week before my graduation was my week to breathe. I took a vacation to Florida to be in the sunshine, swim in the sea and drink the wild air! I allowed myself to relax, to laugh, to dive and see my octopus once more (seriously, he was AMAZING!). I let it all go in order to help me transition to this HUGE vinyasa in my life.


How are YOU feeding your transitions?

It is so important to feed your transitions. Give them a moment to breath, give them love and give them energy. Self-love, like yoga — needs breath. Be sure to get that to yourself today.

Sending you love and light on all your vinyasas in life!


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