Things I love Thursday

Good morning yogis!!

Apparently, today is Thursday…. I have no idea what day of the week it is because we had a holiday off on Monday at work and I completely forgot about Magical Mondays! Ah, well – better late than never ūüôā

This past week was full of snow. We had four snow days at work due to a power outage and needed to work from home. I was able to cook healthy lunches & hang out with my puppy boy. I worked one day in the office last week (on Friday) and then had a wonderful snowy weekend where Karthik & I were snowed in watching movies, eating and snuggling with our puppy.

Monday was a nice day off and time for yoga. I enjoyed an amazing class with my yogi friend Kathleen on Monday mid-day. I then took my spoild puppy to the dog store to get him some treats and me a nice almond chai latte (YUMMY!!) and then we went for a brilliantly bright & COLD walk on the beach. I spent the evening with hubby once he got out of work, making a delicious meal for dinner.

The Little Things

I enjoyed having hubby cook me dinner, watching the Downton Abbey season finale (sad!!), yoga, home practices, meditation, healthy eating, a new tofu recipe, eating clean, getting excited about going to Kundalini tonight, the planning stages of, my new web designer, my video friends, the MAD content/blogging/book material I’ve been conjuring up, work going well, dealing with stresses of my work through breath, creating amazing projects for all of you yogis & yoginis, feeling the LOVE, Mermaid by Train, planning tomorrow’s sequence & of course cuddling!

I hope you have found something amazing to be grateful for today. Remember that you have breath in your lungs, an open heart and someone who loves you.

Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!


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