Transitioning into Fall

I am the QUEEN of list making. I make lists everyday for to-dos, things I may forget, article ideas or inspiration from my day to day life. I LOVE writing and always have a real notebook or my iPhone in hand to record any thoughts I hope to keep on hand in the future.

As I am almost always writing in real notebooks, I can look back and review old articles, things on a to-do list last year and dreams from months past that may have slipped through the cracks. This past week I was looking to be re-inspired and stumbled upon a few old notebooks. I noticed that last summer I created a list of things I wanted to feel (Core Desired Feelings), material things I wanted (espresso machine, a new white blazer), books to read and adventures to have!

It was so much fun re-discovering this list that I decided to created one for the fall! I always feel that seasonal transitions are far more fun and MUCH easier when you set intentions!


While feeling VIBRANT and sexy this fall, I will find the perfect pair of jeans and an amazing (and affordable) fall wardrobe that includes more than just yoga clothes!

I want to read Danielle Laporte’s Fire Starters, and dig deeper into Anodea Judith’s Wheels Of Life. I will also read my Book Club books!

I will write more love letters, host our 2nd annual Diwali Party(!), go pumpkin picking, host the 1st annual North Shore Women’s Business Meeting, take guitar lessons and perfect an at home cappuccino.

Just saying these things out loud is making me giddy to crunch leaves and drink pumpkin spiced lattes!

What are YOU doing to ease into the next season?

Let me know in the comments below!!
Love & light

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