Life happens in the blink of an eye. One minute you can see the sun shining in the sky, and the next it is as if the world turned into a black hole. Nothing is going as planned, and something broke.
The universe has an odd way of showing us things. It is full of lessons, love & light. Sometimes, they way the universe works is mysterious and not always a fun ride. But in the end it teaches us a lesson: strength, love, compassion, patience and more. Without these occasional tests, we would never truly feel happiness. This is the reason we need to stay on the rollercoaster and feel each moment, appreciate each breath we take.
Although it is hard to sit back and “enjoy the ride” if your life isn’t heading in the direction you wished, we still need to appreciate the lessons & the moments you are given.
This week, I finally watched the movie Wanderlust and I realized the intention of the movie isn’t to live in a utopian world forever, but to bring aspects of the utopian into our everyday lives. This is something I try to do everyday, not matter what is going on in my world. During moments when I am scared or not breathing deeply, I reach into my purse and find my mala beads – or recite the loving-kindness meditation while I focus on my breathing. It’s what helps me to calm down. (Really loud musical sing-a-longs help as well!)
We all need an outlet, a place to breath. In finding our breath, we are able to stay in the moment. In the moments where everything is falling apart around us, we need to stay strong. We need to find that little piece of strength, love or compassion that is holding us together – and join forces to create a happier place, even (and especially) in times of sadness or pain.
What is your outlet? Where do you find strength in times of weakness? How do you bring pieces of the utopian into your world?
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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