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I have been a huge fan of vitamins and supplements for as long as I can remember. When I had my first “real job” with Tobin Montessori I would come home almost every evening with a raging headache. I loved my kids and many of the beautiful souls that I worked with, but the environment was quite draining for many reasons. My friend Beth suggested looking into supplements and I was immediately hooked.

Over the years I’ve done magnesium for headaches, iron when I was feeling weak,¬†echinacea to boost my immune system and so much more. I have always been one to explore and was determined to continue trying different combinations of supplements until I found the ones that spoke to and worked for my mind, body and spirit.

Then I stumbled upon Evening Primrose Oil. And let me tell you what a godsend this stuff is… read: hormones.


As a woman I have always had ups and downs during different times of the month, but it was much more than that. It wasn’t just PMS that was starting to kick my behind a number of years ago, but also stress from being in a handful of jobs that didn’t serve me or light me up in any way. The moment I started taking the primrose oil I felt like a new woman. It regulated my hormones and kept me much more balanced in mind and eventually in body as well.

For the last 6 or so years I have been taking it regularly alongside a daily vitamin and then I got pregnant. (Apparently it’s a no-no for pregnant ladies… go figure that it helps with your hormones and all). We have taken a healthy break these last few months and as my pregnancy is starting to wind down, I couldn’t be more thrilled to have this back on my shelf.

When Wholefoods Market Lynnfield in Marketstreet Plaza approached me about supplements I was overjoyed to say the least. As a certified health-nut I was so excited to try new brands and see if I could switch up my routine. (And yes I did get some primrose oil, of course, but I’m waiting another few weeks to bring it back to the routine after my cherub is born).

After a lengthy discussion with their supplement expert, I decided to bring home Barlean’s Evening Primrose Oil, Garden of Life Probiotics (Mood +), Garden of Life Women’s Once Daily and Anthoimmune Organic Elderberry Syrup.


The Garden of Life probiotics I could start taking immediately and let me tell you, I honestly notice a difference between the days I take it and the days I don’t. Especially nearing the end of my pregnancy, it has been a gentle and steady supplement that has kept my bathroom visits normal and my mood a little bit more lifted.


I also added in my (new to me) regular daily vitamin on top of my prenatal vitamins and the boost was amazing. I love Garden of Life products and am now entirely sold on them!! The effects are felt pretty quickly and I certainly notice a difference here between them and their competitors.


The supplement expert at Wholefoods was quite informative and gave me a lot of information. The reason I grabbed the Once Daily is because (apparently) you need to take TWO vitamins with the daily supplements that do not say “ONCE daily.” It’s been years and I’m pretty sure I’m just realizing now that I have only been taking half of my dose everyday!

She also explained to me the power of elderberry syrup. I’ll be honest here and say the only time I’ve ever had elderberry was in a delicious martini served on the Cape… but it has superpowers! It is an amazing product for your immune system and can be taken either every day or as needed. As someone with a healthy immune system, I’ve decided to only take it when needed.



I have a hunch that in the coming months, with winter and a newborn, I shall be relying on this much more than I have in the past. I’ve taken it once during my pregnancy, at the onset of a few summer sniffles and I felt better within 24 hours. So far it seems similar to¬†echinacea and I’m happy to find a (much better tasting) and overall product for when my body needs a boost.

Working with these new supplements has lifted me a lot in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and I’m happy to announce that from TODAY to Sunday, Wholefoods Lynnfield Marketplace is having a 25% off sale on ALL supplements!! This is an incredible value, especially if you’re a health-nut, a local yoga studio owner or acupuncturist… go check them out this weekend and be sure to grab you favorite line of products.

I’m entirely biased on Garden of Life now and have no intention of switching so I am utterly grateful for this sale this weekend!!

Happy supplement shopping!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Wholefood Market Lynnfield in MarketPlace. They provided me with supplements to try and I’ve given my honest feedback on them. I am not a doctor but speak from my own experience.

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