What is The Ahimsa Project

I have been talking about The Ahimsa Project for weeks and some of you still have a few questions! You’re in luck — today’s Nama Say Wednesday question answers YOURS: What is The Ahimsa Project?

If you have ever felt alone on a fat day, like no one will ever understand the agony you’re going through: I’m here.

If you have ever felt that you aren’t worthy of love and that’s the real reason you aren’t in a relationship: I’m here.

If you have ever felt that you aren’t good enough to get your dream job: I AM HERE!

The Ahimsa Project is a 6 week online course in self-love and building self-confident care through yoga and meditation!

Watch the video below and please comment if you have any additional questions before signing up here! Just a reminder that the early bird special ends Friday at midnight so don’t miss it!!

6 thoughts on “What is The Ahimsa Project

  1. april

    so wonderful to see your beautiful face, jenny! love the concept for your program – intriguing and important. wishing you the best during your launch and the course.


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