What’s in a name?

Over the past few years, I have read a lot of labels. At first, I was reading labels because of weight watchers. I would look at the calories, fat & fiber. I cared a lotabout how many calories were in each item. The way the old system of weight watchers worked, an apple cost as many “points” as a 1/2 snickers bar. Sometimes I made the logical choice of eating the candy bar instead of wasting my points on a less satisfying apple.
In the past few years, weight watchers has redesigned their point system into a much healthier version. When I went back for a visit last year, I realized they were using something called the points plus system. This system had you look at a label for fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber. Calories were said to be less important and no longer a factor in how many “points” you were eating per day. It allowed for a healthier system. Also, (most) fruits and veggies now have 0 points plus value. I would ALWAYS choose an apple for 0 points!
After a while, I began to realize that I never looked at the ingredients, only the nutrition labels. When I began The Clean Program Cleansein January, I had 21 days of searching labels for ingredients, as opposed to nutrition. It was a lesson in understanding the industry, and not only how much fat was going into my body, but also, what products and ingredients.
I began to realize that the less ingredients a product has, the better it likely is for you. Tropicana has a new orange pineapple juice and the ingredients are: orange juice & pineapple juice. I choose this product now, over all the others, because of its low ingredient list. Other juices contain cane sugar juice, chemicals and other such things we do not need in our diets. The same goes for any food item on the shelves.
For the past few months, I have been very into reading labels on our food products. I want to make sure that hubby & I are eating well, with nutritious foods and yummy snacks that keep our energy up! Just this past weekend, as I was in wholefoods (for a special trip!), I realized that not only should I be reading labels of our food, but also our soaps, lotions and cleaning products. 
With Apollo & Digger, I am always sure to buy them dog/cat food that has no by-products and contains healthy & nutritious ingredients. If I am even anal about my pets food, why would I not be concerned about what we are putting into our environment and bodies as well!
I emailed a friend last night and she immediately suggested JASON for body products. Last night, I went to the natural section in the grocery store and gotJason’s body wash, and kiss my face peace lavender hand soap. I also bought new counter wipes that contained less alcohol, as well as new face wipes! It was such an adventure to try all these new products. They works just the same, but are better for our bodies and the environment.
I am looking into nutrition schools and have dug up a lot of information on what types of schools are out there. This same friend who gave advice on the soap, also warned that certain schools make profit over promoting certain types of lifestyles while learning about nutrition. I want to make the right choice, and make sure that when I am ready to journey back to the learning environment, I am prepared with not only prior knowledge of my own, but background knowledge of the school I choose!
I hope you are all looking into your labels. Whatever your journey is with products (food and cleaning alike), I hope you take some time to discover what you are putting in and around you & your family! It is sometimes the smallest adjustments that we make, that create the biggest progress and growth.
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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