What’s YOUR Dream?

I watched Tangled this past week! If you like any form of happy ending Disney movie, and haven’t seen this yet – go watch it now! (or after you finish reading this post)
At one point in the movie, Rapunzel is about to fulfill her lifelong dream. She turns to her handsome thief and asks: “What if it’s not as wonderful as I’ve always dreamed? …or worse, what if it is? Then what?” He looks into her eyes and says: “Then…then you find a new dream.” It is a picture perfect Disney moment, but also a wonderful lesson.
We have highs and lows throughout our lives. There are times when we feel we will never see the light again and people often say “there is no place but up!” But what happens on a high? What if you feel as though you have everything you’ve ever hoped for?
At the moment I have more blessings than I can count. I married my own Aladdin and have the personal life of a Disney princess. I look over my shoulder occasionally, almost waiting for something to go wrong – but at the moment – life is amazing! Life is ever changing, for better and for worse. Life changes at the drop of a hat, and amazing can become disaster or terrible can become wonderful.
Life manifestoLife manifesto
At our wedding, for example, our “bad thing” happened two days early: my dad fell. He broke a few knuckles and tore his rotator cuff. (He went in for surgery on Friday and is doing very well)! When I got the phone call about his fall, all I could say was “I know something bad is supposed to happen, but it’s not supposed to be a person!!” But that is how God, the universe, or our world works. Life happens.Quickly.
Which is why I am so thankful for my blessings. It is why I am taking the handsome thief’s advice from Tangled and finding a new dream! And my dreams are turning from personal to personal and professional. I want to see Journey to Hope grow to beautiful and high heights. I want to see my small dream, my desire to serve – become a reality.
It is so rewarding to do what I do everyday.
A few weeks ago, I received a yoga calendar from a Journey to Hope student because she thought of me during the week. Another student emailed me to thank me for my weekly class last week. And yet another gave a small donation to our first benefit class. These acts: hugs, smiles, emails and thank yous, are what keep me going. It’s why Journey to Hope exists. We exist to give hope to those who need it most. We help you to stretch your bodies and your minds. If I am able to help one person today, maybe they will help someone tomorrow. It is a ripple effect of kindness and love.
Let’s work together to grow yoga, optimism and kindness in our communities.
Get out there! Do yoga & make life sparkle.

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