When Enough is Enough

Sometimes life can be tough. She throws you curve balls and puts you into ruts, she decides to give you everything you’ve ever wanted and then takes it all away in one fell swoop. The universe is powerful and although there are days when I want to wail and scream and kick and cry, I KNOW I can trust in the power of the divine.

I talk about religion and spirituality and love on the blog. I have written posts about my faith, but I don’t usually use words like God in my text. One of the reasons for that is because I see my God as the divine. Sometimes he is a big dude in the clouds with a long white beard, while other times she’s a beautiful black woman wearing a purple dress. On the days I need more than one or when English just isn’t enough, he becomes Ganesha, the remover of obstacles or Lakshmi the goddess of prosperity.

I believe in not one, but all.

Today I had a nice discussion on religion with a friend of mine. We didn’t grow up in the same faith and both went on to marry men who were of two additional faiths, and the discussion was lovely. We talked about acceptance and love, differences in culture and religion. And we were on the exact same page: LOVE is the answer. It always is.

But what happens on those days when you feel that everyone has abandoned you? Those days when no matter how hard you try, you bank account is in the less than ten digit range…. or you’re not sure if you can eat that night…. or you don’t know where you are going to lay your head. What happens when your parent passes away and leaves you piles of debt? Or you family causes a battle over a simple misunderstanding?

What happens when your friend loses her child when he was only 5 months old, or the teenage boy in the next town over runs his car into a tree?

You cry. You SCREAM. You love. And you let go.

I hate to say those “magic” words, but it is so true that everything happens for a reason. Only time will tell what that reason is, but everything has its own divine timing: even poverty, homelessness and the death of loved ones.

In a perfect world, we would all live together in perfect harmony with the exact same background and faith and religion. No one would die before their time. We would all be abundantly wealthy and life would be grand.

But this is not a perfect world and somedays you want to scream WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH?



Today is the day when enough is enough. It is the day you step back, in line with your own rhythm. In line with love and trust and blind faith.

Today is the day you chant Isvara Prandihana as loudly as you can — the belief and surrender to God — the idea that everything will work out the way it should.

Today is the day I am reaching out to hold your hand. The day your neighbor offers a hug or your mom brings soup. Today is the day you reach out and the universe meets you half way. TODAY is the day.

No matter where you are yogis, I’m wishing you love. Sometimes life just isn’t fair and we want to beg the universe or God to give us the exact answer we would love to have or hear. But unanswered prayers are often God’s greatest gift. So for today I am sending you faith, love & hope. Today I’m holding your hand and sending a big virtual hug so that you may feel held in the trust that your unanswered prayer is today’s gift.

I love you yogis and am sending you the biggest hug the internet can send.

Tara & my amethyst necklace for #8daysofhealing

Love love love

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