Where did Journey to Hope come from?

Journey to Hope started as an idea. In December of 2009, I had heard of yogaHOPE, a non-profit organization in Boston serving yoga to underserved women in recovery. The moment I heard of this organization, I knew I needed to be a part of it.
I was living in the Boston area at the time and continuously emailed Sue Jones & Amanda Richter asking about the teacher training program. By March of 2010, I had become a yogaHOPE assistant teacher and began working with Amy Cluff in The Meridian House. As the house was co-ed, the occasional male would show up for class and to my surprise they didn’t chuckle or laugh, but truly participated and wanted to be in yoga class with us!
A few months later I attended Saluting the Spirit, which was the most beautiful & enriching practice I have ever had the chance to partake in! Saluting the spirit benefits Pathways to Wellness & yogaHOPE as a part of their fundraiser and I was happy to have raised $500 to contribute to my favorite non-profit organization!
My own 200 hour teacher training and master’s degree program interrupted my volunteering for yogaHOPE and a few months later I traveled over the bridge to being my journey on the beautiful Cape Cod. Although I did not move far, I had moved far enough. Only two weeks after arriving, I realized there was no low cost yoga on Cape Cod (save for a few community classes) and I wanted to bring my knowledge and experience over the bridge and into the heart of the Cape. By beginning publicly with the West Dennis Library, I was and still am able to include both men & women (as we had in the Meridian House). By working privately, we are also able to serve other non-profits who do not have extra income for health & wellness programs.
Cape cod sunriseCape cod sunrise
As Sue mentioned this week on facebook: “People often thank me for doing what I do. Let me make one thing clear, I am thankful for GETTING to do what I do.” And I couldn’t agree more. Being here in the Cape and providing yoga to those who need it most, feeds my soul in so many unimaginable ways. I couldn’t ever imagine another lifestyle and I am so grateful to provide this service to others.

Journey to Hope is just that, it is our personal journey to hope. As my husband says: “Why else are we here? What do we hold onto? HOPE!” Hope makes the world go round’. It is why we chase someone down to return the $200 they left on the counter. It’s why we light our trees and wait for Santa. It’s why we want to bring a child into the world. Hope is the string that holds us together.

Ae you ready to grab a hold of that string and join us? Today is as wonderful a day as any to sign up for our teacher training“like” us on facebook, make a donation or leave a comment! Any love & encouragement helps us on our journey as Journey to Hope begins our first expansion!!!

Today it is time to take your yoga off the mat & into the world! Get out there, do yoga & make life sparkle!


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