Who Pauses Your Yoga?

A few months ago, I was trying to write this article. But it wasn’t coming out the way I planned. Everything sounded wrong, even discussing it out loud with friends and then the article was paused.
I began to openly discuss this idea with a co-worker and explained that no matter how much yoga influenced my life, I still lashed out at my mother. I work with folks, all day long, on postures, breath work, spirituality and kindness. Yet, when it came to my own mother, I would (ahem, still DO) snap at a moments notice. She is one of a select few people who make me forget everything I have learned and the world I have created for myself.
I believe there are two reasons for this. Number one and most importantly, she is one of my best friends. She has known me the longest of anyone in this world. She introduced me to yoga, taught me how to shop for a bargain and made middle school miserable…..and I thank her for all of it. Without homework, curfews and yoga, I wouldn’t be where I am today.
Mom & I @ our cooking class!Mom & I @ our cooking class!
First Christmas as husband & wifeFirst Christmas as husband & wife
Because she is one of the closest people to me, I snap on her the easiest. I trust my mom to see me for who I am – good or bad, for better or worse. (Hubby is getting some of this too, it’s those closest to us that we allow our fullest expression of ourselves to be seen).
The other reason my mom sees me snap first is because she sees me as her little girl. In one regard, I am still young. Recently married, it sometimes feels as though I am playing house and waiting for the moment when my mom will call me to come home. On the other hand, I am a hard-working, newlywed who is learning to cook, clean and create my own home. Because she is my mother, occasionally we still revert back to our classic middle school mother/daughter relationship.
People see you for who you were when you met. First impressions last a long time. My friend Lynde used to wear a lot of butterfly t-shirts. Sandra liked Metallica, Meagan danced & Ashley rode horses. Some of us retained those qualities and trademarks, all of us have changed and each of us have grown in one way or another. The reason I am able to stay close to the ones I love is because I try to honor their changes and their choices. There are days when I still see us as young kids, but there are also days where I celebrate our change & our accomplishments in the present moment!
Teaching @ our 1st JTH benefit class!Teaching @ our 1st JTH benefit class!
Although we may practice meditation, physical asanas and love, there are those whom we love so much that we allow them to see through the cracks of our soul and straight into our hearts. The next time you snap, apologize. Then try to explain that it was, in part, something out of love. Try to reconnect to your love and light. Try to connect those loved ones into their own mind, body & spirit by connecting and grounding yourself.
Find love. Find light. And don’t let anyone pause your yoga for too long!
Get out there – do yoga & make life sparkle!

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