Wholefoods + Supplements = Happy Yogi

My oh my am I a lucky girl!! Wholefoods Market is my jam and in the past few months I have really gotten to know them a lot better. As a company they believe in being as local as possible (and in Massachusetts this often means right down the street at a local farm or even a bit further north in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine). They believe in supporting their local businesses and coordinating on OMazing projects, as well as working internationally on projects such as Whole Planet Foundation. My local Wholefoods is such a great place to be and I’m quite lucky to be able to sample some of their supplements and bring them to your attention.

This month I was able to connect with Katie, Kristen and Rui in Lynnfield to go over what would be great for this new momma. I needed something to fuel my energy, needed brand new prenatal vitamins to help me continue on being a rockstar for Zyan and wanted a few things on hand just in case any of us feel the sniffles. I left with all that and more (hello new protein powder!)

Supplements from WholefoodsYesterday I got to experience SFH, a local company in Maine that works on creating delicious whey protein powders and living a healthier lifestyle. They are a paleo product and full of delicious nutrients that kept me full for hours. I chose to use coconut first (and will be trying chocolate during my yoga teacher training this weekend). I added a splash of milk, the coconut SFH powder, a whole apple, spinach and frozen strawberries. The only thing I consumed until dinner was a cup of coffee and a bagel around 3:00pm when I realized I hadn’t eaten all day sans the green smoothie. It was delicious and quite thick, and the powder wasn’t chalky which is a quality I hate and one of the reasons I don’t consume protein powders all that often.

I’m eager to try not only the chocolate powder from SFH, but also the chocolate from Vega. Kristen is a vegetarian and was really excited to explain to me not only the delicious nutritional value in Vega, but also the fact that is is a clean, plant based nutrition. I have heard their chocolate Vega One Protein Powder tastes like a milkshake so I plan on making one for myself before tonight’s long and amazing kickoff to the teacher training to keep my energy up!


Speaking of energy, Katie knows I’m a new momma and wanted to get some B-12 vitamins into me. She knows that unless it’s one single pill that I won’t take it because it’s too much to remember. In the morning I take all my supplements at the same time that I give Ziggy his Vitamin D and if it can happen at the same time as me brushing my teeth (and scrapping my tongue), then I’ll add it into the Supplements from Wholefoodsmorning routine. So far, the B-12 has given me an amazing kick of energy in the mornings and helped me to start my day even after a long night of hanging with the Z-man. The supplement is Jarrow Formula and it’s actually an edible tablet, which I was surprised by! It’s orange in flavor and doesn’t taste bad at all so throwing it into my routine is easy!!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are plenty of nights I need to unwind and relax after a long day. As much as I love my life and my crazy schedule, sometimes I need to just release. Katie decided to have me try the Relax & Restore tincture by Maine Medicinals, another local company I was eager to get in my system. It’s easy, quick and only something I’ll use on occasion. I’m excited to have this added to my medicine cabinet and tricks up my sleeve for an evening after one of my long teacher training weekends.

In order to keep my system up and running 100%, I asked for Elderberry Syrup before I left. I was almost out from the last time I grabbed some this summer and it’s such a great feel good herb that I just adore having on hand. It’s great for kicking a cold in the butt before it really begins and the Honey Gardens brand tastes divine! It’s got a little bit of honey and tastes like candy syrup, plus it has a million antioxidants and is so good for you.

Lastly I had run out of prenatal vitamins. When I was pregnant, I could only have the gummy kind. Every single brand that was in oral pill form made me sick (and the ONLY time I threw up during my pregnancy was after a yucky prenatal pill incident). I decided that because I loved Garden of Life so much for my regular multivitamin the past few months that I would go ahead and grab a prenatal vitamin from them and hop for the best. My theory is that there isn’t a human taking residence in there, but rather eating and still needing nutrients from my body. It worked! I’ve been taking them for a week and haven’t been sick once. I’m so excited to cut out the sugary gummy vitamins from my life and start with Garden of Life.

The best part about all these OMazing supplements? They’re on SALE!!! Wholefoods Market Lynnfield is having a 25% off supplement sale this weekend so be sure to get your butt down there as soon as possible. They have delicious protein powders, a million grade A vitamins and a love for all things local. I couldn’t be happier to announce the sale and hope you take part in it!! See you at Wholefoods soon, yogis!

Lots of love, health & wellness!

 This is a sponsored post with Wholefoods. All words and opinions are my own and 100% truthful. Always.

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