Wonderful Wednesday

I am a huge fan of writing gratitude lists. I write them all the time!! This past week, however a series of unfortunate events prevented me from writing to you on Monday — so we are greeted with Wonderful Wednesday!!!

To start, I want to take a moment to acknowledge my husband. He has been my rock for the past few years, constantly supporting me in my crazy ideas, making me laugh every day and being the best friend a girl could ask for. Being married for less than 2 years makes us newlyweds, but I still couldn’t be any happier or gush any more over having married my very best friend!

Last week–some things never change

One of our 1st dates!
One of our 1st dates!

On that note, this past week was full of blessings, love, joy and old friends.

I had the opportunity to go to work for my dad at my old job and see so many great friends this past weekend. I haven’t had the chance to be on the boat and work with my friends in over a year due to moving and being busy and working harder than any summer before! It was so great seeing everyone, working my behind off (and needing TWO naps the following day because of it), staying up late and talking with them for hours all while floating on the ocean and enjoying the Boston skyline. To be honest it was truly blissful and coming back home just felt right. I slipped back into old conversations and routine like I had been there just the day before, yet this time Karthik was right alongside me and everyone was talking about their babies and families as opposed to the party the night before. I loved the feeling that we are all growing together and witnessing each others journeys. All in all it was a perfect night.

The following day, we saw more boat friends but this time during the day! We went to brunch at Stella with Molly & Keegan and it couldn’t have been any bigger or more delicious. Yummy coffee, delicious cauliflower, eggs, spinach and mushrooms…. it was so good!!! (Seriously, check them out!)

During the work week last week I taught more yoga than I had in a long time resulting in more naps…that was a huge pattern last week! As a few people were away on vacation I had the opportunity to create new flows, using my prana flow and include my blissful HIGH energy from my private chakra training with Jacqui Bonwell. I also got to see and meet students that are not usually in my regular classes. It was such a great week and I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of such a ROCKING community of yogis!

yoga-anahata pycc

This week I have already had a big win! At work I pulled in my very first contract (woo hoo!!) It was a huge success as it’s something I don’t normally do. It felt so great to have finally accomplished this task and help out my team in a way I’m not accustomed to. I also realized how many amazing people have my back in the company I work for….such a great feeling to be part of a great team that supports and encourages you to keep reaching higher!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you all this week. Over the years, this blog has changed sites, rearranged it’s purpose and become something I wasn’t expecting. I would like to know YOUR thoughts and what you need. Do you want videos? Yoga instructions on the physical practice? More about the spiritual end? Or a lifestyle of a yogi blog?

As I change and shift, I want to be sure to include YOU in the conversation! I’m psyched you’re here every week and would love your input. Please leave a comment below with a suggestion on the blog or your own gratitude list.

Sending you love, light & happiness.

6 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday

  1. Jenny R Post author

    You’re the best! Love you– so glad I have you in the office with me 🙂 Great team!!

  2. Tova

    Always a great reminder to spend time on gratitude, and hearing all that you’re grateful for is always inspiring. Thanks for the great post…..And as far as gratitude, I do a daily gratitude to my body. Just all the things we can so easily take for granted. I teach as well, and so often see people get frustrated that they cant do a pose….But really if we pause a moment and thank our body for all the daily acts of living that we take for granted I find this helps transform how we relate to our body 🙂

    1. Jenny R Post author

      That’s so wonderful!!! I took a moment this morning with my students to remind them of how far we’ve gone by placing both legs on the earth (we’d stretched the right side) and evaluating the difference. Reminding them of how much we’ve already accomplished before we look to where we are going. We SO often take for granted the transformations happening within us. So great to hear you’re on the same path!!! 🙂

  3. Sabrina at MyMiBoSo

    What a beautiful reflection of gratitude Jenny! I write out a gratitude list every night, and I am certain that it is one of the top tools I’ve used to keep me vibing high no matter what the circumstances! P.S. Huge congrats on your contract – what wonderful news!

  4. Jenny R Post author

    Thanks Sabrina 🙂

    I truly believe that reflecting and creating gratitude lists helps to not only keep us grounded, but reminds us of how much we already have in our lives. Glad to hear you’re on this path as well!!


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