Woo-Woo Interview: Sasha Niala

Upon meeting Sasha Niala I was instantly filled with love, happiness and a sense of pure calm. I was so excited and eager to get and Astro Soul Portrait done alongside a beautiful reading.

The reading was intense, as Sasha explained to me the intricate details of what was coming up during her painting of my portrait and almost all of the details were eerily accurate as to what is going on in my life at the moment. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

THEN after my beautiful reading and portrait (which I’m having framed as we speak), she went on to give me a Star Spread tarot card reading. Sasha says: “A star spread is a more one on one approach to astrology and it’s more fluid. You can pull a card and it doesn’t have to be what’s happening out there, so it’s happening within you.” Isn’t that so true? What is happening, even in astrology is happening WITHIN us and not around.

After this amazing experience with Sasha I was able to interview her for YOU so you could also be witness to this greatness.




  1. The offering that I just had is that a combo usually? Usually I would do the painting separately. I would then have a 20 min skype session to explain the portrait and its meanings. The star spread tarot readings are separate. You could combine them if you’d like but normally I do them separately.


  1. When did you realize you had this ability? When I first started doing the paintings it was a contrast to what I did before. Prior to my Astro Soul Portraits I did regular landscapes & scenery. Then in 2009 I started a website called Your Astro Soul Portraits. It came organically one day like a flash. I was meditating and I had this big flash that I couldn’t let go of. I kept exploring it. The idea then was to look at a person and use symbols to interpret them. Sometimes when you read an interpretation you have an idea o a vision. My idea with the painting was that it was a soft way to see it and be reminded of your reading daily. Especially because the portrait often explores your potential. It was only this year (4 years of painting) that I got the idea of the oracle cards and this was another flash.


  1. Did you design the oracle cards?  YES! It came together so quickly. I had the idea and then a self publishing tarot card agent helped me out. I usually paint outdoors to ground myself when I paint. So I took myself outside and a grasshopper jumped on my first painting. I flicked it off and then a little one came to sit on the same spot. I decided to look up the grasshopper totem. The totem means to take a big creative leap! The little grasshoppers were just the beginning within 2 weeks I had painted ALL the cards. I was so energized while doing it and loved the process. I have them for sale on my site if anyone is interested.


  1. Is this your full time job? I am studying naturopathic medicine, at the moment THAT is my main concentration. However it is a definite priority in my life. In 2011 I was sick and all of last year was a recovery phase. All of these ideas happened as I was getting back into myself. My body was so weak for a long time. It emerged after a really challenging time where I had to face a lot of dark stuff and it brought me into alignment with what would be the thing that I could offer back to the world.


  1. 5. What is the ONE thing you want to let the world know? Well… (hesitation & love in her laughter) everything I do is both honoring the dark and the light and seeing the beauty in both. In paintings the strengths and weaknesses come out. If it’s something that needs to come out…. it may be dark or light… it’s all the same. You can’t have one without the other and in order to be in balance we need to honor and respect both sides.

Sasha Niala is a holistic energy healer and soul artist who bridges the often untouched gap to true healing of the soul by working from the subtler layers of an issue first and in conjunction with the other more tangible aspects of problems. She looks at creative, unique ways to help clients through their healing journey so that they can arrive at their destinations of balanced health and so too, deeper truth and meaning in their lives.

Check out Sasha’s website and get a reading or a painting done with her magical touch! You won’t regret it as she is worth every moment and every cent.

My Astro Soul Painting
My Astro Soul Painting

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions for or about Sasha in regards to her readings and paintings!!

Get out there– do yoga & make life SPARKLE!

6 thoughts on “Woo-Woo Interview: Sasha Niala

    1. Jenny R Post author

      I’ve never had anyone THANK me for living my truth but damn it feels good — thank you! 😉

      I am so impressed by Sasha and am glad you enjoyed her interview!

  1. webly

    Hey Jenny,
    This is a great interview. This is really interesting I would be curious to see what my painting would look like. My only question is that is it ever difficult to read someone?

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Spirit knows all- the main difficulty would be in connecting to Spirit. If you were the one receiving the painting, imagine two highways – one between me and you, and another between me and Spirit/The Source. There is also that connection between you and The Source as well which, after you request your painting, I am able to tap into with greater detail. The painting reflects your state of awareness Now, what mix of images can best trigger you into being wholly you now and that will keep doing so in the future. This is what I request when I connect with The Source. Difficulties can arise if you are not meant to know certain answers right now and have expectations. Also, it can be difficult to read if I am not in a space to receive and so I align myself with nature before each painting. In fact, most times I paint these in nature so there is an added richness in the messages that go into the painting. ~ Sasha

  2. Carolan Ross

    Beautifully designed page and very enlightening interview with Sasha Niala. I’ve become more interested in holistic energy healers over the years and am impressed with the potential there for healing.

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thanks for the compliment on my page, Carolan! It was a labour of love.

      Sasha is wonderful and holistic energy work is something I am just beginning to investigate. I think there are magical wonders to behold there and that the potential is unlimited. I hope you have fun exploring your woo-woo side!!


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