Woo-woo series: Amy Auset Rohn

Auset is a beautiful and inspiring soul. She is a harpist, a wife, a devoted mother and an Egyptian Goddess spiritual teacher in addition to having a passion for photography and all things nature.

She is truly a rock star in the world of woo-woo and I am eager to finally share her story with you all.


Auset and her husband bought a farm 18 years ago in order to tend the land, play with the horses and raise their beautiful children. Their bustling and busy home/farm includes 4 horses, a miniature donkey, 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 rabbits! She enjoys a busy and beautiful home full of nature, spirit and a ton of heart.

Her interview is as inspiring as she is and I’m happy to share her woo-woo with you!

1) How many years have you been playing the harp? Can you tell us a little bit about that experience?

Yes of course! I’ve been playing the harp for 4 years now. That may not seem like a very long time, but prior to this I played piano as a child. I learned to read music and to play by ear. When I got my harp I took a handful of lessons and the went off on my own. What few people realize is that the harp is set up quite similarly to the piano. The levers mimic the black keys and the strings mimic the white. I definitely needed practice in order to get used to the different hand positions, but it is truly a beautiful instrument that I picked up on quickly.

One winter solstice, I was communicating with the Egyptian goddess Nuit during my morning meditation. She is the goddess who taught me to use numerology of the Gods & Goddesses to compose my music. She showed me how to pull their emotions into songs and this is where the soul song was created. The idea flowed very naturally! I simply map our your notes (through the numbers corresponding with your name) and I have a 15 minute chat with you about what is going on in your life at the moment. We discuss successes, emotions and more. Through that conversation I pick up certain elements to add to your soul song to make it perfect & unique to you!

One of my very first soul songs was done for a 70 year old woman. She had inquired as to what songs I played and after talking with her for a while, I created her soul song. She began to cry and told me it was the first time she felt beautiful in her whole life!! I feel that the soul songs express such a deep emotion and internal fire of who you really are. It is quite a powerful experience.

2) WOW! What an amazing experience you’re offering to folks. You mentioned communicating with Nuit, can you expand upon that? 

I love all the goddesses but the Egyptian gods and goddesses speak to me the most often and they are near and dear to my heart. In fact, Isis came to me during a meditation and gave me the name Auset. My birth name is Amy however, I use the name Auset during my spiritual readings and soul songs.

Back to your question: do the Goddesses communicate with me? YES!!!

There are times that I am thinking about something going on in my life and they will come to me and share their insights and wisdom. I sense their presence and then see them in my mind, sort of like you imagine something, and then when they share their wisdom, it feels like I just KNOW and understand and sometimes it comes in words like a conversation. There are times, too, when they show me things in a picture kind of way…that is when I get a “knowing”.

During my readings, I use a deck of cards based on the Goddesses (and Gods) of Egypt so their energy comes through in the reading in a very tangible way. They really do have so much to share and their messages are very clear…which I find very fascinating as they have a sort of “theme” but their messages can be different and personal for each individual. It is very special and touching when that happens.

I do readings for anyone who signs up and offer readings at a local new age store for their Psychic Fair each month as well as another Saturday a month. I also offer the readings via Skype or phone when I cannot meet them in person.

3) This all sounds so wonderful! In an extension of all your readings, photography & soul songs, do you have an ultimate goal in mind?

Yes I do. I hope to one day create a retreat for women that focuses on emotional wholeness and well-being. I want to incorporate the messages of the Goddess, music and my photography to help them to grow more in love with themselves and understand themselves on a deeper level. I have personally dealt with many body image issues over the years and I want to help communicate to women how beautiful they truly are. Through the art of my photography, my readings & my songs, I hope to help these women see themselves through another lens.

4) You have so many talents & gifts. Are any of these your full time job, or do you also have another profession during the day?

Great question! Yes & no to all of the above. My husband and I bought the farm so we could raise our children here. So I mow the lawn, manage a budget, photograph, raise our daughter, clean the stalls, play the harp, play with the horses & do my spiritual work.

This is my life. I don’t have a day job per say, but I do things I love all day long.


As you all can tell, Auset is a beautiful & inspiring soul. If you want to learn more about Auset or if you’d like to work with her, she is offering you all a very special bonus!!!

For $50 you can have a Soul Song and a 15 minute Goddess consultation to give you a Goddess to work with based on what is going on in your life that you would like help and guidance with. You will get some specific ways to work with that particular Goddess and Auset will also incorporate that Goddess into your Soul Song. Check it out at the link here!!

You can check out Auset’s photography work here. 

You can check out her other facebook page here, as well as her website!

Take a moment to connect with Auset by leaving a comment below or visiting one of her pages online.

Get out there – find some woo-woo – do yoga & make life sparkle.



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