Woo-woo Series: Anne Hayman

Anne Hayman of Indie Lovely
Anne Hayman of Indie Lovely

Picture this beautiful soul warriors:

I’m on the phone with a fellow soul warrior and woo-woo Anne Hayman. She talks faster than I do {which if you all know is a true feat} and she is radiating positive energy. Although we aren’t meeting face to face, I can literally feel her vibrance coming in over the phone. A true energetic connection has been instantly made and I know within the first few minutes I’m excited to connect with her!

Anne is a true soul warrior. She has been battling with fibromyalgia for over 10 years, and has been officially diagnosed as such since 2009. When the pain was at it’s worst, Anne realized she could no longer work doing what she loved: working as a holistic Esthetician using all natural therapies and her handmade organic skin care line {she is an herbalist and aromatherapist as well}.

After ten years in school, and many more in the workplace, Anne realized her true dream to be doing what she loved was being put on hold: perhaps permanently as she couldn’t get off the couch for months at a time. However, with her beautiful soul & agni light — she came into a new kind of business: an online magazine promoting love, happiness & positive energy! It’s full of beautiful images, crafts, people’s stories, lifestyle suggestions, recipes and so much more!

Let’s dig in and learn a little more about Anne & her plan to raise the vibration of the planet!!

1) Can you tell me about Indie Lovely and how this whole process started?

Yes of course! This whole process actually started when I was a young girl. At 14 years old, I would create a magazine with my little sister who is 7 years younger than I am. I would be the photographer and editor, while my sister would be the writer & the model. We used it as a way to connect!

I never wrote professionally but always kept journals. I went to school to becoming a holistic health practitioner. After my last child was born 4 years ago, I quit work to stay home with her and that’s when I got really sick and realized I couldn’t go back to work. I’ve always been artistic and crafty, so I decided to re-open my etsy shop. I got deeper into that and realized I loved blogging. So I learned photoshop and all kinds of technology as quickly as I could! I realized how much I loved the process and eventually enlisted my sister.

She had gone to school to become an actress but eventually began working as the city editor for their newspaper and learned indesign. After she went into freelancing, we eventually teamed up and decided to publish a Christmas magazine in 6 weeks!! It was called The Handmade Companion. We got it done and published in print. After 3-4 print magazines, we realized that our digital magazine reached more people. I decided to transition entriely online. We published one more purely digital issues.

She needed more time to work on her books, and I got stressed out with life, so my sister and I decided to quit publishing The Handmade Companion. No less than 6 weeks later I was itching to publish. This is when Indie Lovely arrived. I had my sister teach me the basics of indesign over factime one afternoon and the rest is history.

Indie Lovely is a mixture of all my passions. The Indie Lifestyle, aimed at conscious people: with gluten free recipes, inspiration, crafty articles, inspiration, positive energy. I wanted lots of images! I wanted to be a positive force in the world — and an so excited to be on this journey!

2) WOW! That is quite the story. A journey from childhood imagination to a full-time online magazine. Is this the only thing you’re currently working on?

No! At the moment, I publish Indie Lovely seasonally. I publish mini-mags bi-weekly. I still have my etsy shop for graphic design as well as an etsy make-over plan. I help clients re-design their etsy shop to help them sell more! I work as a business consult, writer, magazine creator/editor, graphic designer, etsy shop owner, MOM & so much more.


3) Ah yes, let’s not forget: you have 4 children! What’s the BIG message you want to put out to not only the world, but to your children?

I understand that the world needs what we put out! I hope to help inspire others with spirit and help them find their connection. I want to be there to speak to them and to tell them my story. I pulled myself out of bed and knew I needed to write about it. A smile is a universal image. It can make anyone feel GOD, be inspired and bring vibrational energy. I hope to provide that with images.

4) Indie Lovely is such a beautiful magazine with amazing photographs. What cameras are you using, and why so many photos?

I love taking pictures and believe it’s so important. As I mentioned, a smile is a universal image. Just with any image, I hope to evoke a specific emotion by putting out beautiful images for all to see.

The cameras I’m currently using are my Nikon d3100 and my iphone. Most of my photos have a vintage style. They are crafty, natural and muted.

5) Thank you so much Anne! Is there anything else you’d like my soul warrior readers to know?

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a piece of me died. I was used to working for myself and making my herbal skincare treatment line. I knew who I was and what I was supposed to do, and then I was lost. I laid on my couch for 6 months not knowing what was wrong with me, or how to function. And now, I’m here and able to give back. Some days are really hard, but I get the opportunity to HELP YOU. I am so excited and blessed to be on this gift. My fibromyalgia was a gift, it was a blessing in disguise in order for me to slow down and find yet another way to help others.

Keep reaching for your dreams. If there is another path, take it. Find YOUR big message and share it with the world.


Interested in learning more about Anne??

Anne’s Magazine: Indie Lovely

Anne’s Graphic Design Shop: Renovation Alley

Facebook: Renovation Alley & Indie Lovely


I hope you soul warriors enjoyed her interview!!
Sending you ALL Love, light & happiness.

Get out there–do yoga & make life sparkle!
Sat Nam,

8 thoughts on “Woo-woo Series: Anne Hayman

  1. Vivian Mandala

    Oh MY. What a great post. Thank you so much for introducing Anne to me! I’m checking our Indie Lovely. I am in the midst of starting a traditional magazine now. So excited that I stumbled upon this! Thanks for sharing. 

  2. Court McCracken

    Absolutely love this interview. Thank you so much for your openness and honesty about how the fibromyalgia came into your life and what you have done since. So many of us face those pivotal moments and choosing to make beauty is the most amazing way to move onward into new and beautiful healthy places. It can help us redefine health and joy. I also have loved checking out your work on Indie Lovely! Thanks again!

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thank you Court! I’m sure Anne will appreciate those words 🙂 She is an amazing business woman, and has created SUCH a beautiful online magazine. I hope you inquire further into her work!!

  3. Sonja Keller

    Lovely interview Jenny! Thanks for sharing all about Anne. Fibromyalgia is such an awful ailment, and I’m so glad Anne found contentment, love and positivity in her online magazine. Good luck to her!

    1. Jenny R Post author

      Thanks so much for the comment Sonja! I’m glad you liked learning about Anne. She truly is amazing, powerful & really beautiful. I’m glad to have discovered Indie Lovely myself 🙂


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