Woo-Woo Series: Kate Fisher

Today I have such a beautiful treat for you all. I wanted to begin sharing some of my “woo-woo” with you.

You’re probably already confused and thinking “What the heck is woo-woo and why would I want to learn more about it?”

Woo-woo is defined as “an extraordinary belief for which there is little or insufficient evidence” Or: a tarot card reader, chakra healer, reiki master etc. It is belief in things we cannot see and have not been proven (and if we would like to continue this further – it also extends into religion….but let’s leave it at mystics for today).

I have decided to create a series of interviews for you all with some “woo-woos”!!! For my first woo woo interview I spoke with Kate Fisher, a writer who is passionate in the art of tarot and tapping into your psychic intuition.


1)      Kate please tell me a little bit about yourself.

First and foremost I am a writer. I have a passion for reading tarot. I’m a certified yoga teacher and have been belly dancing for 15 years. I am drawn to things that have an exoticness to it. I have always been interested in making the mysterious less mysterious and so I studied tarot to begin to tapping into my intuition.

2)      Is tarot reading your full time job?

Not at the moment. For the past three years, I have been a personal trainer and done health & life coaching to help people find their ideal weight. Just now I have begun to shift more into tarot and get more into the woo-woo side of things.

In reality personal training is actually too grounded for me. I needed more spirituality in my life! I really want to combine tarot within my life and health coaching to begin incorporating all of my skills and background. I want to help people with manifestation and creating their dreams.

3)      When did you realize you could read tarot?

I didn’t really realize I could read tarot. A friend of mine knew how to read them and in a very ego-based way, I wanted to learn to become a more interesting person. But after I began studying, I realized it was so much more than an interesting ego. I realized that:

“You can do anything you want if you put the time and energy into it. We really underestimate the power of repetitive action. It is so powerful to practice and truly master a skill.”


And within this practice come the mess. You have to learn to be crappy at your skill first, you have to get dirty, mess up and be willing to find change and create your craft to be your version of perfect. We all start somewhere, so start before you’re ready and practice, practice, practice!

4)      How long have you been reading tarot cards?

About 5 years, but it could be more than that. I love it so much that I’ve lost track!

5)      Have you ever withheld information from a client?

Wow! What a great question.

{Thank you to my friend Nadia for asking this one!}

I would say there have been times when I have re-framed information into the positive. You want people to leave a tarot reading feeling empowered. If I get difficult information from the cards, I usually word it in a more positive way. I have never actually withheld information from anyone – but I have tried to be sensitive.

6)      What is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is actually to read for friends. It is much more difficult to read tarot cards for a friend than it is for a stranger. With a friend or loved one you are vested in their lives and with a client you are unbiased within the reading. The last time I read for a friend was a difficult experience and was approximately a year ago. That’s one of my biggest challenges!

7)      Anything you want to share with the readers?

Yes! Anyone can learn to read tarot. It’s so much fun to learn and I feel like it is much more satisfying to learn to read tarot for yourself than to obtain a professional reading. It was such a transformative experience for me and it really helped me tap into my intuition.

I teach others how to read tarot cards on their own and would love to teach YOU to learn the tarot. I want everyone to realize that you can be empowered by reading cards and that a new life full of intuition and joy is literally right at your fingertips.

My big message is that I want to encourage and empower others.


I can tell you after having had a reading done by Kate yesterday, she is the real deal! She was such a joy to work with and is a true testament to what it means to be a woo-woo. She completely believes in her craft and wants to share that joy with others. She is making her dreams come true by empowering others and I would love for you to be empowered by Kate as well.

Check out Kate’s page on how to learn to read your own tarot at: http://www.daily-tarot-girl.com as well as her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DailyTarotGirl.

Now get out there – learn tarot – do something woo woo tonight!




13 thoughts on “Woo-Woo Series: Kate Fisher

  1. valerie

    I adore Kate, and have been following her blog for a while. She has really inspired me to get connected with the Tarot in a personal and fun way. <3

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  3. Jamie Morris

    I’ve been reading Kate’s Daily Tarot Girl blog for about six months. I love her positive, insightful, PRACTICAL take on the cards. I’ve also had some wonderful readings from her.

    My favorite notion from this particular article is that it’s more satisfying to learn to read for yourself than it is to always be getting professional readers to tune in to you. However, even though I do read for myself quite happily, the occasional reading from Kate rounds out my tarot life beautifully!

  4. Jenny R Post author

    Wow. I’m so glad everyone has loved this interview. Kate is truly a wonderful person. I LOVED my reading with her…she is talented, kind and very genuine.

    Great to hear from you all!!


  5. Jenny R Post author

    Thank you. Yes, I recommend using the free version of wordpress or even blogspot on google to start. Both great platforms. Good luck!


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