Woo-woo series: Lindsay Marino

When I met Lindsay on the phone this week, it was as if I was chatting with an old friend and not someone I had just met. I could feel her radiant soul and the full truthfulness and the REAL her coming through the phone. This girl is no bullshit (excuse me, but in yoga you have to be truthful…) she is the REAL DEAL.

Lindsay’s story starts at her birth, but the story of her sixth sense started when her beloved fiancé passed away in 2007 in a horrific motorcycle accident. Shortly after the accident, she felt that Nick (her love), had something to tell her and a message to deliver. She began listening to her intuition and her intuitive nature. At the time, it never occurred to her to read as a profession or even a hobby.

She told a handful of family and friends about her recent ability but never brought it into the public eye. On occasion she would meet a stranger on the street & would share the messages of their passed loved ones. This only happened on occasion so she never really tapped into her skill or made it public knowledge.

Fast forward a few years, and Lindsay has fallen in love with an old friend of Nicks’, through divine nature and the universe pulling them together (and Nick’s encouragement from beyond) as well as being a full time third grade teacher and an intuitive in the public eye. She believes her official title would be “Intuitive Medium” although she would add to her business card: speaker, author, teacher and a vessel for information.

Lindsay, on top of all of her beautiful readings and teaching, is also an up and coming author of her spiritual memoir. It is about real joy, raw truth and Lindsay’s spiritual journey. {I cannot wait until she is finished so I can read it and share with you all!!}

With all that said, let’s jump into her woo-woo interview!!!




1)      Lindsay, you have a radio show called Intuitive Guidance with Lindsay Marino. Can you tell me a bit about this show and how it started?

In 2007 my fiancé Nick passed away in a motorcycle accident. At the time, I was just going through the motions and not truly living my life. I could barely do anything but get out of bed and go to work. When he died, a piece of me died with him but I also got the chance of rebirth. I would dream of him and he would tell me things and send me messages.

I talked to friends and family. I began writing a memoir and I realized just this past January that I needed to begin telling other people about this and not just the people I love. I realized I wasn’t alone in being able to tap into this intuition. I knew my gift needed to be shared with others.

I reached out to this radio station to perhaps be interviewed and after a few moments, the woman who I first spoke with was amazing. I could tell once I began speaking with her that there was an unseen energy that was drawing me into hosting a radio show. It’s great because I’m using my gift, talking about my upcoming book and meeting the most wonderful people.

2)      Have you ever withheld any information from a client?

No! I would never do so.

When I first realized I had this intuition, I asked that the universe not give me any information I could not handle. I share with people even if I don’t really want to. I always give the information I receive, and as I mentioned I do manifest that the information be empowering and helpful towards others. Different mediums always have different messages. If it’s the right timing, it comes. I say it in a gentle way and it is always positive.

One of the best examples I have is a young woman I met at a pizza shop. I was ordering a piece of pizza with a girlfriend and I felt this overwhelming need to tell the girl behind the counter to stay in school. She did not look school aged, nor did I know her at all. After I began to leave with my piece of pizza in hand, I made my girlfriend wait in the parking lot. I told her I NEEDED to give this girl the message. I am so glad I went back in there! As I was telling her this message she began to cry and said it was exactly what she needed to hear that day.

I’ve also done reiki on people who do not realize they are sick and I can’t leave specific body parts. I get nicknames, and I feel other people’s pain. I have countless stories of healing and messages. I never want to leave anything out that could affect someone and I want them to know that their loved one are thinking of them.

I believe people’s biggest fear is hearing that someone they love will pass away soon. That has never been my message because the universe knows I am not ready for that kind of information.

3)      Is there anything you would like to tell my readers?

There is always so much to tell but I want to leave the readers a few messages.

First, everyone has intuition. When you feel something in your gut, THAT is your intuition and you need to begin to listen to it. You can also really practice and begin to tap into this presence and hear the messages of not only the universe but also of those who have passed.

Secondly, I want people to know that energy is a real thing even if we cannot see it. When people say a prayer, the energy of that prayer goes into the universe. It is unseen just like the telephone channels or wireless internet, but it is most certainly there. So keep praying, and keep looking to whatever energy (universe, God, chakras etc) that you believe in. It’s really there.

I also want to offer people an bonus for working with me!!

If you book an appointment with Lindsay and mention this article, you will receive a mini reiki session for free! This offer is valid until May 31st, 2013 so act quickly!

Lindsay is one of the most beautiful souls I have had the pleasure of meeting and I feel so blessed to be able to give you her story. You can find her at www.lindsaymarino.com as well as her facebook page!

Get out there – believe in yourself & the universe – DO YOGA & make life sparkle.

Sat Nam Namaste,




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  1. Amy Auset Rohn

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift with so many.  What I love the most is the way you show us all how to overcome some of life’s biggest challenges and let them help motivate you in a way that helps others move through their own challenges.  Many blessings


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