Writers Block…

As a writer, my creative energy ebbs and flows. For reasons unknown to us, sometimes we run out of juice, lose our ease and find something every writer dreads: writers block.

It is almost inevitable for most and those that avoid it are blessed beyond measure. Needless to say, I’ve been a wee stuck myself this past winter and I’m finally getting the wind back in my sails.

One of the best things I did for myself this winter was join an entrepreneurial book club! The first book we are reading is “Fire Starter Sessions” by Danielle Laporte, which is lighting the fire that I needed underneath my behind. It is also giving me permission to be myself and allow ease and grace into the world.

Passion doesn’t need to be constantly fiery and all consuming; it can be a steady curiosity and commitment. – Danielle Laporte

To say I needed permission to take a break from writing for a few weeks was an understatement. I have a lot of beautiful things on my plate at the moment and this sentence reminded me that it’s okay to have passion in spurts; it’s okay to invite ease into your life. Ease is a necessity. 

Book club with Butta
Book club with Butta

Danielle also says:

Choosing easy is smart, efficient, elegant, a fantastic form of self-compassion; giving yourself a break and getting out of your own way. Choosing easy is letting inspiration be your compass. Choosing easy is allowing for the things you’ve been asking for to enter your life.

And who wouldn’t want that? It made me feel so much better, and I realized that I needed to delegate. For the first time in forever, I finally did. I released the studio cleaning and our website design into beautiful, capable hands. These two small efforts are a huge improvement on my lifestyle and it has cleared space for me to open my heart and mind to write once more.

Easy is the best choice. Quality easy brings such beautiful gifts into our lives. I’m so grateful for my book club, for allowing me to bring my passion and energy back to this blog.

It feel so good to be back home.

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